Where to Mountain Bike in Tuscany?

Tuscany is a very good place for Mountain Biking. Wherever you are there would be an area for real Mountain Biking. Around Florence there are different options for a ride on trails and singletracks, with some nice panoramic spots over the town and the valleys around. The Chianti area is not just vineyards, there are also many areas ideal for a Mountain Bike tour. The old towns of Monteriggioni, Colle Val d’Elsa and San Gimignano are also a good starting point for a fun Mountain Bike ride. 

We would like to do some real mountain bike tour in Tuscany, is it possible?

We can personalize the tour based on your request. We can do easy panoramic tours on gravel or dirt roads, or some more technical trail on singletracks. We usually set-up the tour level details based on your request, as soon as you send us some information.


Is it possible to have a custom private mountain bike tour in Tuscany?

We only make custom private mountain bike tour around Tuscany. Listed tours are the one we suggest, but we usually personalize them depending on the bikers request.


I don’t have a bike with me, can I rent one?

We only provide bikes as an accessory to our guided tours. Dependin on the request we have front or full suspension mountain bike or front suspended e-mountain bike. We can rent the bike and bring them to the starting point or just meet at the shop. The average cost is 40€ per day. Discount apply if you need it for more days.


How can we schedule a guided mountainbike tour?

You can write us to info@tuscanymtbguide.it or call us at +39 338 6873530. Just tell us how in shape you are and how long you would like to be the tour.

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