Bike tours in Tuscany for everybody!

Enjoy Tuscany our fantastic beginner bike tours on gravel and secondary roads.
Our beginner bike tours are for everybody, if you think you can’t get up to those hills to enjoy the view you’re wrong!
With our e-bikes you can easily pedal up to panoramic hills and medieval castle to enjoy the enchanting nature and views over rolling hills and vineyards.
Tours may include a light wine tasting along the road and a lunch on our local favourites places.

Beginner Bike tours

Beginner Bike Tours on paved and dirt roads in Tuscany

Florence hills mountain bike tour

Florence Hills Mountain Bike Tour   Overview: Nice bike tour throught the Florence hills with mountain bikes. We'll start the tour from the Impruneta village where the famous terracotta pottery, rooftiles and floortiles are made, from there we gently ride along the...

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